Cauliflower Culture | About
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Cauliflower ear can be described as a condition that occurs when the external portion of the ear suffers a blow, blood clot or other collection of fluid under the perichondrium. It is an ear that has been permanently disfigured from injury and now has excessive growth of reparative tissue. These ears come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They speak different languages and come from a variety of different disciplines. Some ears now have the appearance of a flattened prune, while others may look more round and lumpy. Either way, these ears speak of a journey of hard work and a painful break. However, one thing is certain, behind each broken ear there is a story of blood, sweat and tears.

Over the years, we have traveled near and far and one thing stands true. There is always a nod exchanged when cauliflower ears spot one another. It is that look you exchange with a complete stranger when you see one another in a room full of people.

That brief moment of personal reflection when you ask yourself what discipline this person must come from. For those of you who wear them with pride, you know the exact look we speak of. This is what we have come to refer to as the cauliflower culture.

We are bound to a select group of individuals that have endured the same pain. A pain that allows us to understand the dedication to one’s sport and the sacrifices made. Regardless of your discipline, whether it be wrestling, boxing, MMA, judo, rugby, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, sumo or you name it…we all belong to the same culture. We are a clothing & lifestyle brand who cater to the cauliflower culture.

Every cauliflower has a story, what’s yours?